Questions Asked to the Town of Naches

In April 2007, under Town of Naches Resolution 2007-2 the Naches Lion’s Club received $10,000 dollars for the building. The building was previously donated to the Naches Lion’s Club by the Yakima Interurban Lines Association. The land was railbanked and the Town of Naches has a 99 year lease with Yakima County.

Yes, the Town of Naches charges the Naches Lion’s Club for the use of the Depot facility for its Sportsman’s Day activities. The club uses the Town’s electrical and restrooms facilities. Government agencies cannot gift funds. The Town of Naches graciously offered the facility to the Naches Lion’s Club when they were no longer allowed to use the Naches School District facilities.

The Naches Depot is used for government activities that include Naches. Currently there have been a grant funded by the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments in partnership with the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Town of Naches. The Naches-US 12 Active Transportation Connections Study will review the US 12 Highway from Allan Road to Jennings Lane, which is the Town limits. The study was started by a new state policy requiring WSDOT to consider other modes of transportation while working on highways within communities. There are surveys out for the study. All comments are welcome!

The Town has only passed three moratoriums since the year 2000. Ordinance 571 was a moratorium on the placement and/or erections of advertising signs in the General Business zone. The Council also passed moratoriums Ordinance 576 to extend the original moratorium for 90 days.

The other moratorium was Ordinance 711 adding new sections to the Naches Municipal Code prohibiting the cultivation, production, processing or retail sales of recreational marijuana with the Town of Naches.

So the answer to the question is no, there was not a moratorium placed on subdivisions in Naches.

The answer is under the Naches Municipal Code 12.04.030. please take the time to read it in full in the Town of Naches Municipal Code. The short of it is the abutting property owner is responsible for the sidewalk, its repair and snow removal etc.

Under RCW Chapter 18.43 the Town of Naches every three years advertises a request for qualifications for engineering services. This process is monitored by the Washington State Auditors to ensure procedures and selection meet all the criteria.

The Town current contract is under Resolution No. 2021-12 which awarded a contract for the years 2022 through 2024 to HLA, Inc.

Naches Train Depot before and after pictures