2023 Board Meeting Documents


Resolution No. 2023-1 – Authorizing Mayor to sign Yakima County Technology Services Inter-Local Agreement
Resolution No. 2023-2 – Authorizing Mayor to sign Task Order with HLA for Parks & Recreation Plan
Resolution No. 2023-3 – Authorizing Mayor to sign contract with HLA for engineering of Community Pavilion Project
Resolution No. 2023-4 – Authorizing the Mayor to sign the Interlocal Agreement with Yakima County for Demolition of Depot Park facilities
Resolution No. 2023-5 – Amending the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program
Resolution No. 2023-6 – Yakima County Solid & Moderte Risk Waste Management Plan
Resolution No. 2023-7 – Certification Acceptance for the Warehouse Demolition at the Depot
Resolution No. 2023-8 – Authorizing Adoption of the 2022 Yakima County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan
Resolution No. 2023-9 – Authorizing the Mayor to sign a non-exclusive franchise agreement with Charter Communications
Resolution No. 2023-10 – Adopting the Town of Naches’ Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program – 2024-2029
Resolution No. 2023-11 – Adopting the USDA Rd Rus Bulletin 1780-27 Loan Resolution
Resolution No. 2023-12 – Adopting Water Use Efficiency Goals
Resolution No. 2023-13 – Modifying the Personnel Policy for Town Employees
Resolution No. 2023-14 – Authorizing Mayor to sign Local Parks Maintenance Program Applicant Authorization
Resolution No. 2023-15 – Codifying Financial Policies relating to Purchasing Procedures, Commitment Authority and Cost Allocation


Ordinance No. 784 – Issuance of Taxable Sewer Revenue Bond

Town Budget

2023 Town Budget

Ordinance No. 780 – Adopting Town of Naches Budget for FY 2023

See Archived Budget documents


Small Works Roster Application – January 2022 update – Word or PDF

Business License Application – apply through the Washington State Department of Revenueannouncement

Facility Use Policy/Agreement

Conditional Use Permit Application

Public Disclosure Request for Information

Public Works

New Water Service Application

Utility Account Change form


If you want to discharge or sell fireworks within the Town of Naches, please complete and submit the Application to Discharge or Sell Fireworks Within the Town of Naches. All applications must presented to the Town Council prior to any sale or event and must be approved before any discharge or sale can occur within the Town.