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Mayor & Town Council

The Town of Naches operates under the Mayor/Council form of government. The Mayor and Town Council are elected to four year terms. The Town Council adopts ordinances, sets the annual budget and the Mayor directs the Town through the Town Administrator.

The Mayor and Town Council positions are non-partisan and Council members are elected their respective positions by all the voters within the Town at the General Election. The Mayor and the Town Council serve part-time and do not maintain office hours at Town Hall.

Request to be Placed on the Council/Planning Agenda

Bill Davis

Born and raised in Naches, Mayor Davis‘ goal as Mayor is to bring transparency and accountability by city administration to the community they serve. His long-term focus is on moving business back into the center of town and forming a partnership with the local service organizations to bridge the gap between city government and the people of the community. Bill intends to strive to bring back the feeling of inclusion, participation, and community for the folks in Naches with their elected officials.

Mayor Davis was elected in November 2023. His term ends 12/31/2027.

Wayne L. Hawver
Town Council Position #1

Councilman Hawver was appointed in October 2008.Wayne also serves as the chairman of the Naches Valley Park Board.

Councilman Hawver was first elected in November 2017. His current term ends 12/31/2025.

Tiffany Sigler
Town Council Position #2

Councilwoman Sigler was born and raised in Naches where I attended Naches Valley School District K-12, graduating in 1995. I have 3 children who all continue to reside in the Naches Valley, two are graduates of NVSD. My youngest is currently enrolled in 8 th grade and participates in baseball and basketball. I have played an active role in my children’s school activities and sports, including being a member of Ranger Baseball Boosters and volunteering for Upper Valley Little League.

I am very passionate about our town and community. I think it is important to listen to our community members, work with our local businesses and all work together to keep Naches a great safe place to live for many generations to come.

Councilwoman Sigler was elected in November 2023. Her term ends 12/31/2027.

Kit Hawver
Town Council Position #3

Councilwoman Hawver has lived in Naches most of her life. Her parents, Harvey and June Keezer, operated a business and lived in Naches for many years. Kit married Wayne Hawver in 1978. Son Benjamin came in 1980. Kit has an AA degree from YVCC and a BA from CWU. She has been substitute teaching for grades preschool through 8th grade for 19 years. She is very proud to have served on the Naches Planning Commission several years.

Councilwoman Hawver was first elected in November 2017 and her current term ends 12/31/2025.

Denny Carrell
Town Council Position #4

Councilman Carrell is 3rd generation Naches, born, raised, educated, married and raised two children in Naches.

Denny is intent on focusing on community facilities, infrastructure improvements and improving the opportunities for our small businesses.

Councilman Carrell was elected in November 2023. His term ends 12/31/2027.

Suzi Williams
Town Council Position #5

Councilwoman Williams has been honored to call the town of Naches her home for 10 years. She really enjoys Naches, it reminds her of the town she grew up in, only that town did not have a stoplight! Suzi grew up in a farming community in Oregon. Living and working on a farm gave her first-hand experience on the importance of hard work and dedication. She is married to her husband, Paul. They have two sons, John and Wayne. John is married to Christie and has two of the most beautiful daughters you have ever seen, Grace and Addie. They also have their Labradors, Max and Chloe.

Suzi has lived and worked in Yakima County for the past 14 years as a VP of Wealth Management with CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. She has been a financial advisor for 32 years. Seventeen of those years, Suzi was running her own company. Suzi loves working on solutions to problems, as she do this for a living. Also, she enjoys sitting on the Town Council. Suzi is active in the community and belongs to a few clubs , as well as sitting on a board and being an officer. In her free time, she enjoys quilting, dogs, traveling, gardening and of course spending time with her family. Suzi’s goal while serving on the council is to make our town more accessible to people who would like to start businesses in town and of course keep our citizens safe.

Councilwoman Williams was first elected in November 2017 and reelected in 2023. Her current term ends 12/31/2027.

Town Council Information


  • All general meetings of the town council of the town of Naches are held in the Town Hall in Naches, Washington. The agendas, minutes, ordinances and resolutions can be found on the Public Documents page of this website.
  • General meetings of the Town Council are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm for the Study Session and 6:30 pm for the Town Council Meeting.
  • Special meetings of the town council may be held where designated by appropriate notice.
  • When the date of any regular meeting of the town council falls on a legal holiday, then such regular meeting is held on the next business day.
  • The Mayor and each councilperson of the Naches Town Council receive a sum for each council meeting attended.

Town Officials

Town Administrator

The Town Administrator shall be the administrative and liaison officer for the town, under the direction and authority of the mayor. The town administrator shall have the following specific duties, powers and responsibilities, in addition to others provided by this chapter or otherwise:

A. Under the direction and authority of the mayor, supervise, administer and coordinate the activities of the various town offices, departments, commissions and boards in carrying out the ordinances and policies of the counsel; and administer and supervise the carrying out of the decisions, regulations and policies of the various town departments, commissions and boards;

B. Report to the mayor and council concerning the status of all assignments, duties and functions of the various town offices, departments, commissions and boards;

C. In cooperation with the town clerk-treasurer, keep the mayor and council advised of the financial condition of the town and its future needs, and assist in the preparation and submission of a preliminary budget to the mayor and council;

D. Serve as personnel officer for the town, including, without necessary limitation, the hiring and discharging, subject to the approval of the mayor, of all town employees, except those employees and officers required by law to be appointed by the mayor;

E. Supervise all purchasing by the various town offices, departments, commissions and boards;

F. Supervise all expenditures by the various town offices, departments, commissions and boards, for the purpose of keeping the same within the limitations of the annual budget of the town;

G. Assist the mayor and council in conducting the town's business in all matters and perform other duties as the mayor and council may direct;

H. Attend all meetings of the town council and such other meetings as may be suggested by the mayor;

I. Recommend the adoption by the mayor and council measures the town administrator may believe necessary.

Town Clerk/Treasurer

A. The office of Treasurer of the town is combined with the office of Clerk of the town, and the clerk shall exercise the powers vested in and perform all the duties required to be performed by both the treasurer and the clerk under the laws of the state of Washington and the ordinances of the town.

B. The mayor shall appoint the town clerk, and the clerk shall hold office until the next general election after his or her appointment and until his or her successor shall be appointed and qualified.

C. In addition to the duties prescribed by town ordinance and state law, the clerk shall perform such additional duties and be in attendance on those duties as directed by the town council by resolution.

Planning Commission

The Town Planning Commission consists of five members who are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council. The Planning Commission meets on the first Monday of every month at 6:00 pm at the Naches Town Hall, 29 E. Second Street, Naches.

The commission makes all necessary studies of the physical development of the town, lay plans and make recommendations to the council for such development to accomplish planned growth. The commission makes its recommendations to the council on proposed plats.

Planning Commission Members:
Earl Fisk, Chair
Hazel Barnett, Commissioner
Sue Ranger, Commissioner
Susan Lorri Schneider, Commissioner
Ryan Lambert, Commissioner

The Town is looking for Planning Commission members; the requirement is that they do need to live within the city limits or Urban Growth Area.

Planning Commission Bylaws
Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes

If you would like to put something before the Town Planning Commission, please contact the Town Administrator to get information on the procedure for submitting a land use concern for consideration/discussion.